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Feb 16, 2016

5 Things you should Know Before Traveling

Travelling overseas can be a bit difficult than domestic travel. You need to prepare yourself in advance by checking and counter checking everything that is required for your travel. It is not always easy to go far away from home be it for vacation, business or studies. Whatever reason you have for traveling you have to be well prepared and follow up on things such as

Check with Your Bank

You definitely want to follow up on your bank account and make arrangements for your travel. These days a lot of people don’t see the need of carrying hard cash when they are travelling. Thanks to the advancements in banking technology, many people opt to use their ATM cards wherever they go especially since one can access their bank account in any ATM around the world. However it is important that you check with your bank to determine is you have authorization of oversees transaction otherwise your account might get blocked while you try access it from abroad. Always follow up with your bank to ensure that you are authorized for access in that country. You can also use your bank to exchange the cash into the foreign currency if you prefer carrying hard cash.

Hotel Bookings

It is a must for travelers to follow up on their accommodation arrangements. You will want a roof over your head as soon as you reach your destination. Most travelers make bookings online and through third party agents. Following up on this arrangements will ensure that you are quickly settled on your first arrival otherwise you might end up stranded or worst lost in a foreign country with a lot of unknown people around you.

By following up on your hotel bookings you are also able to determine if the arrangement is legit or fraud. There are a lot of agencies that might be a con. Through follow ups you will always be assured of a smooth deal.

Document Verification and Backups
When it comes to travel your documents are the most important thing. You need to have valid documents that prove your identity, permits and other important requirements. You have to follow the regulations of travel for both your home country and the country you are traveling to. Most important documents include;

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • National Identification
  • Travel PermitsIt is also important that you make scanned copies of these documents that will be your back up in case the unfortunate happen and you lose your original copies.

Register through ESTA
This is a very important and a compulsory requirement for residents of the UK. You have to check you registration for the ESTA (Electronic System Travel Authorization) prior to your trip in the USA. This gives you the permission to board the airline but does not guarantee you entry to the states, you still need to validate and have all other documents. ESTA applies to all countries that have signed for the Visa Waiver Program and therefore not only restricted to UK citizens.

Travel Insurance
You also need to follow up on your travel insurance cover. This type of insurance cover will provide compensations for your loses if for example you get sick, miss a flight, lose something or something gets stolen.

If you put the above 5 factors into consideration then you should be well set to have a nice travel experience and a safe one as well.